Sacramento Business Journal: Sacramento’s Fastest-Growing Companies

By Sam Boykin  – Managing editor, Sacramento Business Journal

The Business Journal’s annual Fastest-Growing Companies list shows the dynamism and creativity in our local economy.

Even the slowest growing company of the 50 on this year’s list, car dealership Von Housen Automotive Group, boosted its revenue a whopping 16 percent from 2015 to 2017 to $296 million.

And the fastest growing, ClearCaptions LLC, grew its revenue more than fivefold to $50.2 million, as it expands sales of its communication technology for the hard of hearing.

The companies highlighted in this issue also show the diversity of our region’s economy, with represented industries including telecommunications, information technology, banking, construction, health care and energy.

The Business Journal celebrated this year’s honorees with a luncheon on Aug. 9. Check out the accompanying slideshow to learn more about the fastest-growing companies.

All companies on our Fastest-Growing list are headquartered in the Sacramento region. To qualify for the list, they were required to complete an application and disclose financial data to the accounting firm Moss Adams LLP, which had to agree to the company’s numbers. Growth rates for companies on the list are based on their revenue from 2015 to 2017, and to be eligible for the list, a company must have posted at least $200,000 in revenue for 2015.

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