About Our CEO

Ethan Conrad, Sacramento's #1 Commercial Real Estate Owner

Ethan Conrad

Ethan Conrad began his commercial real estate career in 1989 when he became an industrial real estate broker. He quickly
established himself as a trusted name in the industry, which led to his continued success and a variety of awards acknowledging his accomplishments.

Once Ethan became adept at leasing and selling commercial properties, it was only a matter of time before he became a
successful owner and operator of commercial real estate.  In 1995, Ethan started by targeting industrial properties.  By 2007,
Ethan Conrad Properties owned over 35 commercial properties in the Greater Sacramento Area.  Ethan’s brokerage experience lent him a keen eye for buying lower cost properties with high vacancies and/or other problems in which  the budding real estate mogul saw potential opportunity.  Ethan solved these problems with his trademark efficiency and business savvy.

When Ethan isn’t hard at work at the office, he enjoys fine dining, Sacramento nightlife, hiking, and traveling.